Where ideal and denial collide

Hi everyone ! If our news have been quite sparce lately, it’s for a good reason ! We are still working very hard on our first album, and we are giving it our very best to make it the best version possible. ⏳️ To tease you a little bit before its launch date in the fall, we can reveal to you its title : Where ideal and denial collide, and its beautiful jacket, crafted by the very talented Nele Diel ⭐️⭐️⭐️

We are extremely impatient to be able to show you the end result of all those collective efforts, so be prepared for a few upcoming months filled with many events.

Adeline, our new lead singer

📣🔥❗ Big announcement for the beginning of this new year : Adeline Gurtner is joining Oddleaf as our new lead singer ! We are quite sure that her voice, her presence and experience, will contribute to give a new dimension to our music, in studio as well as for live performances. Actually, you’re gonna be able to listen to her in our first album, which is in the production steps as we speak. And we can say with much confidence that you won’t be disappointed  !

Thank you so much to Olivier Marcaud, who shared our journey with us for our first 3 years with great talent, and of course welcome Adeline.

Debut album recording

It’s in the box  ! 📦✔️ After an intensive work session week at the Bondy Studio, most of the instrumental parts et many of the vocal ones have been recorded. Thanks to Yann Van Eijk behind the console, for his patience and competence, what a satisfaction to be able to lay this big milestones for our first album.💽

But this is just the beginning, after a little bit of rest we will resume our work, because there is so much left to do, many sound layers to add on top, and some production work to craft, in order to enrich our compositions, and give them the most beautiful environment to shine in.😊

First loud stage !

We’ve done it !! 🤩 🌿
Our 3rd concert as an opening act of Franck Carducci on a big stage was awesome and a great experience 🌟🎉 Thank you to everyone who came to share this special moment with us, the audience was wonderful and the feedback was so lovely and encouraging as well !
A big thanks to Ô’Totem Live for having us !!
And thank you to Noodle Photographie for this nice photo 👌

Spring news

Spring is here, birds are blooming, trees are singing… and the gig season is starting for Oddleaf. After the memorable experience of our first concert at La Coconnerie last October, we will be playing a series of three gigs in and around Lyon in the coming weeks. The first one will be on March 31 at the Farmer, sharing the stage with the Electro Jazz Trio Shingouz. Saying that we are impatient is an euphemism! See you soon on stage, the Lyon people!

Oddleaf buddies

2DaysProg +1 Rock progressivo Festival

This early March, we made it to the final in an online contest to play at the Veruno progressive rock festival in Italy, one of the most important ones in Europe. We had the honour to be chosen with three other talented and confirmed Italian bands, and if it won’t be for this time, we did well against this tough competition. Congratulations of course to the winner Wilson Project who got the most votes! So a big THANK YOU to those of you who supported us, to those of you who may have discovered us on social networks on this occasion, and welcome to all the new members of our Facebook page!

2DaysProg + 1 Festival

First concert

The quintet just announced its first concert the 8 of October at Aurel (26), France. It will follow a 5 days rehearsal in the venue La Coconnerie. From a large part of the setlist, will emerge a studio album scheduled to be recorded in 2023. What an occasion to support, in one hand, the first steps en stage for Oddleaf and on the other hand, a new Prog friendly venue !

Demo #2

Moonless Night, the second demo song has just been released!
And just like the first one, the music video was made with the footage shot during the recording sessions.

We hope that you will enjoy the fruit of several months worth of work! Please send us your feedback and comments on Youtube and on our Facebook page – and subscribe if your heart tells you to do so!

Demo #1

DEMO #1 is out now! We are proud and delighted to unveil “Life”, the first song from Oddleaf’s Demo. Please watch our first music video edited with shots from the recording sessions.
A second song (track), also with a video, will be posted in June. Stay tuned!
(An audio version is available on our Bandcamp page)